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What is type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes is a pathology characterized by an excessive increase in blood glucose. Which, if not regularized in a timely manner, begins to generate damage to the different tissues of the body progressively. We realize when the body can no longer control glucose. Initial symptoms are usually: Dizziness, fatigue, thirst, excessive weight loss, frequent urination, poor healing and / or blurred vision.

Nevertheless; It is a disease that attacks silently, so many times organic damage is done at the time of diagnosis. Therefore, it only remains to control the sequelae such as blindness, amputations, kidney failure or neurological damage. Instead; other times, the disease is present for the first time with some of its acute manifestations such as hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis or diabetic coma.

Thus; The importance of diagnosing high blood sugar levels is increasing every day. In order to prevent the establishment of diabetes and the acute and / or chronic complications it causes. Thus reducing the high morbidity rates that it has generated worldwide in recent years.

Why Cause Type 2 Diabetes?

We already know that diabetes originates because glucose accumulates in the blood. But why does this excessive storage of sugar in the circulation occur?

Cells need glucose to generate the energy that the body requires to perform its different metabolic processes. For this, the foods that are consumed daily are broken down into glucose molecules and then pass into the bloodstream and reach the different cells of the body. Once there, they pass inside the cell to be metabolized into energy.

The hormone that is responsible for transporting glucose into the cell is insulin. Which is released by pancreatic cells constantly. If there is an alteration in the production or functioning of insulin, glucose cannot pass into the cell and it begins to accumulate in the blood, eventually generating diabetes.

Based on this, diabetes is divided into two classes: type 1 diabetes characterized by the decrease or non-production of insulin due to an alteration of pancreatic cells. And type 2 diabetes where there is an insulin production, but it does not perform well because the body creates resistance to it.

If the cells do not receive glucose from food, the body begins to generate it from the breakdown of body tissues. However, insulin is not able to perform its transport functions, so glucose levels will rise rapidly. All thanks to that vicious circle that the body creates to try to meet the demand for energy.

Natural Treatment for Diabetes

It is important to note that diabetes is a disease that must be constantly monitored by a specialist. He can keep track of glucose levels through a series of pharmaceutical treatments and a proper diet.

In recent years, it has been proven that food is the most determining factor in the onset of diabetes. Therefore, it is the safest, easiest and fastest way to achieve the healthiest control of blood sugar levels. In addition, because of the way in which type 2 diabetes originates, it is even possible to cure it through an adequate eating plan.

There are many natural products that are capable of decreasing high levels of sugar in the body. These are considered essential elements in the way of controlling and / or eliminating diabetes. Among the best known for its high benefits in reducing glucosason: Prickly pear, green tea, cinnamon, onion, ginger, grapes, aloe vero, blueberries, omega 3, among others.

However, many people have gone further in the search for the definitive cure for type 2 diabetes who claim to have found it. Such is the case of the book Halki diabetes Remedy, which we recommend 100%. It is an easy, fast and delicious method where you should consume two types of dressings based on natural products rich in elements capable of eradicating the toxin that causes the body to become resistant to insulin called PM.25.

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Articles that can help you manage type 2 diabetes

On the web there are many articles related to the control of type 2 diabetes, whether they cover the prevention or symptomatology of the disease, as well as the management and alternative measures that exist to combat it. In addition, many of them focus on non-pharmacological alternatives that can be adopted to prevent, control and / or eliminate diabetes. Where the eating habits of people suffering from this disease stand out.

Such is the case of the article Prohibited foods for diabetics where they teach you a series of foods that diabetic people should not consume and how they act in the body, causing the disease. In such a way that you can prevent sugar levels from increasing, in order to achieve a pathology control.

Nevertheless; Just as there are similar items that recommend not eating certain foods. There are also others that promote the active consumption of certain foods that should be ingested regularly. These must be rich in nutrients so that they act positively on the control of glucose in the circulation.

For example; Our article Juices to eliminate type 2 diabetes, advises the consumption of these foods in the form of shakes since, in this way, there is a greater use of its benefits against diabetes. That is why it provides the recipe for 3 natural juices whose content is based on foods that have high glycemic powers. In this way diabetics have an easier, faster and more delicious alternative to nutritious feeding.

But; Even though you have knowledge about what you should eat when you are a person with diabetes. How much should you consume them to achieve the right nutritional goals for you? This is where the article Food Plan for Type 2 Diabetics comes in to carve, which explains the most popular methods to calculate the amount of glucose you are eating according to the type of food. In which you can create a food guide that allows you to not only prevent the development of diabetes, but also control it.

Remember that…

Diabetes is a 100% controllable disease, so the diabetic person can live a full and healthy life as long as he maintains an adequate diet, constant physical activities and consume the corresponding pharmacological medications.

Natural alternatives, although they can be very beneficial for the management of diabetes, must be approved by a medical specialist to avoid a progressive deterioration of the disease when they are testing it. So, if you want to follow the advice of some of these articles, you must do so at your own risk and always supervised by your attending physician.